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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

STRADELLA - SAOTA's first project in Los Angeles

The architecture firm SAOTA have recently completed its first project in Los Angeles, California, a remodel of an existing 1970’s house on a beautiful promontory in Bel Air. SAOTA has thus decided to...

Published: 22/06/2018

Interior design hits New York

It ended the third and last day of the 27th edition of ICFF, the yearly event that turns New York into the stage for contemporary design, being the ultimate showcase for interior furniture, seating, carpet...

Published: 21/05/2015

When Alps mean luxury

If you’re looking for a new concept of chalet beside the regular cabin with a fireplace on the inside and lot of snow on the outside, this might be the answer. Pure Concept Real Estate, the agency special...

Published: 03/01/2015

Wilton Residence: multicultural interior design project

An unconventional location for a truly westerner project: built during the Thirties in the heart of Connecticut, the Wilton Residence originally served as hunting lodge. Owned by an American family living in Eu...

Published: 28/11/2014

Ted Bed: multifunctionality made in Bulgaria

Designed by Ted Bed Volen Valentinov from Sofia's All In studio and presented for the first time on the occasion of the annual World of Furniture exhibition in the capital, Ted Bed is literally more than a simp...

Published: 21/11/2014

Elements: evolving design

Elements collection is potentially endless: presented on the occasion of the last London Design Festival, it is signed by Jomi Evers Solheim, a Norwegian Designer who has been hitting the scenes of several Euro...

Published: 10/11/2014

Isle of Water: revolution under the roof

If you think attics usually lack light, this project will make you change your mind. Designed by Belgian FIVEAM studio, founded four years ago by Mathieu Bellens (1981) and Olivier Caluwier (1986), Isle of Wate...

Published: 27/10/2014

SALVA46: sharing with style

If you think sharing a small apartment is bad for your privacy, here’s the answer you were looking for: SALVA46. In Barcelona Studio P10 and Miel Arquitectos have designed this “shared micro-li...

Published: 10/10/2014

Seams: mass production of unique pieces

The name of this range promptly suggests its main feature, as each design item of Seams tableware collection is characterized by several “seams” all over their surface. The project is the result of ...

Published: 08/10/2014

Semi-wrinkle washi: tradition meets design

Among the design items referring to the habits and customs of their country, this lamps really put Japanese tradition under the spotlight, turning it into the core of the project. As the name suggests, the focu...

Published: 01/10/2014

BAI: when classic meets contemporary

The creations of this designer livened up Milan’s Salone Satellite on the occasion of the 2012 Milan Design Week, and this dining chair, called BAI, in particular – which is still in development pro...

Published: 17/09/2014

History meets practicality in Yehuda Halevi Street

Located in Tel Aviv’s “White City”, declared UNESCO World Heritage because of its Bauhaus-style buildings dating to the 20’s and 30’s, here is an apartment combining the historical...

Published: 15/09/2014

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