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Seams: mass production of unique pieces
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The name of this range promptly suggests its main feature, as each design item of Seams tableware collection is characterized by several “seams” all over their surface. The project is the result of the collaboration between the designer Benjamin Hubert, born in 1984, and the historical Italian firm Bitossi Ceramiche.

Ceramic is indeed the only material of the range, which has been created through the so-called slip-casting technique, employed for the mass-production of ceramic items. Apart from the above-mentioned “seams”, the objects also feature pastel and bright colored matte coatings, each on the inside and on the outside of every piece. Thanks to its two-colored look, the collection appears simple yet intense and dynamic.

The most interesting aspect of Seams is its core concept, related to Hubert’s search for a way to combine mass production with the creation of unique pieces. The seams on the tableware items are actually the marks of the mould, however they are always different from piece to piece as the mould has been repositioned and reassembled for every casting session. In this way a mass-production process has produced a range of actual unique pieces, taking industrial production to a new level, close to contemporary design.

INFO: www.benjaminhubert.co.uk

PHOTO COURTESY: Benjamin Hubert

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