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If you think attics usually lack light, this project will make you change your mind. Designed by Belgian FIVEAM studio, founded four years ago by Mathieu Bellens (1981) and Olivier Caluwier (1986), Isle of Water consists in an innovative bedroom suite located under the roof of a private house. Keywords: openness and brightness.

The all-white space of Isle of Water, accessible through a staircase, was obtained by replacing the former roof with a higher one, to make the guests stand up. A white monolithic box lies in the middle, however it does not reach the ceiling, in order to create a private yet open atmosphere. Since it stands completely free, the box also enhances the sense of space, creating interesting perspectives.

Apart from the shower faucet, the roof structure stands on its own too: the result of Isle of Water is a pretty immaculate space where everything is hidden within the box, like the lighting fixtures located on top of the closet. Thanks to the employment of Solid Surface, the box is seamless both on the outside and on the inside, where the actual bedroom – accessible through two swing doors – is hosted, as well as the bathroom from which you can enjoy a movie tank to the tv-closet located in between.
The all-white space of Isle of Water is only contrasted by the walnut flooring which creates a warm feel, making this suite probably the very master bedroom of the house.

INFO: www.fiveam.be

PHOTO COURTESY: cafeine.be

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