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Semi-wrinkle washi: tradition meets design
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Among the design items referring to the habits and customs of their country, this lamps really put Japanese tradition under the spotlight, turning it into the core of the project. As the name suggests, the focus of the semi-wrinkle washi collection is washi, a traditional Japanese paper made out of local plant pulp.

Designed by Japanese Nendo studio – which creates simple yet impacting design objects that can be understood by anyone – this lamp range has been fabricated by the only Japanese firm producing three-dimensional washi, the Taniguchi Aoya Washi.

The lamps feature a double surface: the lower part is stretched, recalling the main trait of washi, whose resistance makes it resemble plastic and glass. The upper part displays a wrinkled look, created by adding konjac to the traditional washi manufacturing, adding a modern touch to the paper and to the final product itself.

In this way, these lamps embody all the features of three-dimensional washi, which is both resistant and soft.

INFO: www.nendo.jp

PHOTO COURTESY: Hiroshi Iwasaki

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