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Casa Flanders: exploring elegance and harmony
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In the picturesque region of Flanders, Belgium, rises an architectural masterpiece that embodies the essence of contemporary elegance: Casa Flanders. Designed by the renowned SAOTA studio, this residence is more than just a house; it is a work of art that harmoniously blends with the surrounding landscape, offering a warm and welcoming retreat for its inhabitants.
At the heart of Casa Flanders' design lies its ability to merge solid forms and transparent voids, creating a unique dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. On the exterior, the architecture is manifested through solid cubes intersecting with interconnected glass, while a slender canopy delicately wraps around three sides of the structure, creating inviting outdoor terraces.

The interior design reflects attention to detail and a quest for harmony with the surrounding environment. The indoor spaces are designed to offer comfort and functionality while maintaining a direct connection with nature. The client's preference for traditional and defined environments translates into a cellular arrangement of spaces, with rooms opening onto terraces and a central double-volume atrium illuminated by skylights that bring natural light indoors.
The contrast between the materials used adds depth and character to the interiors. Walls are clad in slabs of Giallo D'Istria marble, exuding timeless elegance, while sandstone floors create an earthy and welcoming atmosphere. Panels of Alucabond aluminum along the fireplace alternate with large glass panels, allowing views of the surrounding landscape to seamlessly merge with the indoor spaces.
Casa Flanders is more than just a luxury residence; it is a refuge that invites connection with nature and living in harmony with one's surroundings. Its simple and clear design aims to create an authentic and fulfilling living experience, reflecting the beauty and tranquility of its location in the stunning region of Flanders, Belgium.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.saota.com

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