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Elements collection is potentially endless: presented on the occasion of the last London Design Festival, it is signed by Jomi Evers Solheim, a Norwegian Designer who has been hitting the scenes of several European events in the last two years, with positive feedbacks especially in relation to this project.

His latest ongoing work, called Elements, is actually not just a design collection but an experiment exploiting both the laws of physics and two natural elements such as air and water, with which the designer fills latex balloons. During the process, the balloon form continues to change because of gravity: by getting molded, that form turns into a permanent, physical thing instead of just a transitory effect. The result is a unique porcelain object that locks a moment into reality.

The project’s aim is to stress the importance of sculptural values and hand-on processes in the design field, as these collection could never be created through the modern 3d modeling techniques. The white vessels of Elements represent a visual perception of forms, a concept turned into a tactile experience further enhanced by the unglazed vase exterior.

INFO: www.jomi.no

PHOTO COURTESY: Jomi Evers Solheim

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