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If you think sharing a small apartment is bad for your privacy, here’s the answer you were looking for: SALVA46. In Barcelona Studio P10 and Miel Arquitectos have designed this “shared micro-living” interior design project by renovating a 65 square meter spacet in order to make it accommodate two tenants with no compromise in terms of individual privacy.

The interior design project allows each tenant to have a private space where to sleep, relax, work and wash, since the common area only involves the kitchen. Apart from this room, the apartment appears split in two symmetrical independent units, naturally illuminated and provided with sliding solid doors for further isolation. Thanks to the 3,40 meter height, each unit features a mezzanine; the illumination comes from the existing windows, reaching the kitchen through the employment of translucent panels. The bathrooms also catch natural light by being open to the sleeping areas.

Ecology plays a main role in this interior design project, as proved by the reuse of the kitchen - formerly located in Sitges -as well as the original mosaic tiles. Another original element is the brickwork of the XIX century crevasses, elegantly contrasted by the wood flooring. In this way the space displays a pleasant mix of materials such as wood, stone and metal.

Moreover, the interior design project features a symbolic message as it relates to the nomadic life of the current generations, offering a sense of shelter and privacy with this solution.

INFO: www.mielarquitectos.com


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