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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

EURASIAN PRIZE 2018 - Calling for Entries

For the past fifteen years, the Eurasian Prize has provided a one-of-a-kind chance for architects and designers to evaluate their skill, expertise and calling. In its 2018, it joins forces with the Master Hand,...

Published: 02/05/2018

5 tips to furnish your cottage for maximum bookings

When it comes to marketing your holiday cottage, presentation is everything. The majority of guests base their choice of booking on the photos they’ve seen on the website or directory. Alongside basic cri...

Published: 19/12/2017

5 key factors for choosing the best executive desk for your office

Like it or not, desks are a fact of office life. It's where the computer and the phone are situated, where work schedules are created, where documents and stationery are kept - and where the bulk of the work ge...

Published: 31/08/2017

Mario Pagliaro: the power of simplicity

Essentiality and simplicity are the keywords of contemporary design, especially when it comes not just to form but also to the production process, from timing to costs. Moreover, simplification is the core ingr...

Published: 22/03/2016

The new adventure of Alain Marzat: from fashion to design products

You started your career by working in the fashion and art field. How did this affect your current design?I consider myself a self-taught both in terms of fashion and design. I studied psychology at Toulouse Uni...

Published: 02/12/2015

PLAYplay, funny innovative furniture design

Big cities, yet small spaces: that’s where we live today. To bring character and functionality to a tiny apartment, you need to rely on an efficient, innovative and unique furniture design solution. Creat...

Published: 30/11/2015

Dchair #amabilmenteseduta: the latest creation by Simone Cappellanti

Three legs for one chair. Comfortable and firm, made out of oak, either natural or in 5 different varnished colors: pink, light blue, green, black and white. An essential framework for a refined silhouette: the...

Published: 23/11/2015

Umami cafe': bonding design by Kompaniet studio

A new unexpected coffee table belonging to the unique Swedish style: this project is by Sofia Almqvist, founder of the 3-year-old Kompaniet studio. Among the interesting ranges designed by Almqvist, Umami caf&e...

Published: 18/11/2015

A chat about art, architecture and design between TID and Simone Cappellanti

Born in Rome in 1972, Simone Cappellanti is more than an architect and designer: he designs, plays, photographs, and is always on the move.Simone, you are more a 360-degree artist than just a designer, right?&l...

Published: 30/10/2015

Lodz Design Festival: another big success

Sunday October 18th was the last day of the much-awaited ninth edition of Lodz Design Festival, the event that has been turning the heart of Poland into the stage for international contemporary design furniture...

Published: 19/10/2015

Ramon Esteve: endless success

Your studio was founded in 1991. What were your expectations at that time?I was eager to do things, as my heroes of the architecture and design my role modesl: Wright, Le Corbusier, Khan, Mies ... I figured tha...

Published: 13/08/2015

Basketlamp: unconventional basket

Creativity, expression and sometimes reinterpretation: these are just a few examples of the most captivating features of product design, which often leads to the creation of surprising unconventional items. Som...

Published: 29/07/2015

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