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A chat about art, architecture and design between TID and Simone Cappellanti
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Born in Rome in 1972, Simone Cappellanti is more than an architect and designer: he designs, plays, photographs, and is always on the move.

Simone, you are more a 360-degree artist than just a designer, right?
«I don’t see myself as a standard artist: music, design, photography and the cultural environment that made me familiar with art are just the everyday elements I deal with as an architect ».

What is your philosophy in terms of architecture?
«To me, architecture is an object that lies outside whilst design objects are small architecture items that lie inside. I think that a house, as well as a home and a social place, is a human emporium where time, passing by, gives a unique feel to the space living experience».

How do you translate this vision into your work?
«I thoroughly study the client’s needs. When designing a space, I always look at the expressivity of those who will be living in it. As far as architecture is concerned, my aim is developing and translating an empty space into somewhere full of personal moments. In terms of design, my approach is different: I usually rely on my personal culture and tradition in order to create something that the space is missing, something that could become the highlight – both aesthetically and emotionally – of whom owns it ».

Pencils and Macs are the main features of your studio, proving that you look both at the past and the future?
«Pencils and Macs are like my two Leicas: one analogical, one digital. This dualism is reflected in my personality, as I value tradition but also search for beauty and innovation ».

Which of your works most satisfy you?
«In terms of industrial design, my 2012 armchair, table and bed range which was produced by Giorgio Saporiti for Il Loft (www.illoft.com) and showcased at the 2008 edition of Milan’s Salone del Mobile. As far as interior design is concerned, I would say the “Edera” coat rack presented at the 2013 edition of Paris’ Maison & Objet and produced by Secondo Me design gallery (www.secondome.biz)».

What about your upcoming projects?
«I’m working on Ivo. It will be the result of the de-contextualization of an everyday item. It will mark a great achievement for me, especially in terms of innovative vision ».

INFO: www.cappellanti.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Angelo Marinelli www.angelomarinelli.com



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