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Umami cafe': bonding design by Kompaniet studio
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A new unexpected coffee table belonging to the unique Swedish style: this project is by Sofia Almqvist, founder of the 3-year-old Kompaniet studio. Among the interesting ranges designed by Almqvist, Umami café is the starting point of a work that perfectly merges furniture design and feeling, as well as conceptualism and practicality, just like successful designers do. Umami collection has been getting bigger and bigger throughout the past year, with many design pieces aimed at completing the actual table. Made out of four different materials – ash, blown glass, steel and ceramic – such everyday design items give a new face to the coffee table (which is also available in a bigger size) launched in 2014.

Round shaped and three legged, the wood coffee table looks apparently hard to enjoy, due to the jagged surface recalling ocean waves. Making use of it gets actually very easy by employing the ad hoc accessories designed this year, such as ceramic dishes and blown glass bowls that perfectly slot in the wood waves. Umami project is aimed at offering users a unique experience, by making people pay attention to what they handle and eat instead of being distracted by external factors such as the TV. Sofia Almqvist designed Umami collection to stop alienation and enhance conviviality, making people focus on the unique design of the table and creating a bonding moment where everyone is challenged and entertained by the table’s surface as well as the food itself. Innovative and appealing, Umami coffee table is the perfect example of the uniqueness of Swedish and Scandinavian design.

INFO: www.kompanietdesign.se


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