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Mario Pagliaro: the power of simplicity
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Essentiality and simplicity are the keywords of contemporary design, especially when it comes not just to form but also to the production process, from timing to costs. Moreover, simplification is the core ingredient of a successful design item that meets four crucial needs: beauty, functionality, quality and money-saving. The range of birch furniture by Mario Pagliaro – showcased at our Spazio TID at Via Monte Pordoi 8, Milan – accomplishes such aim: created by laser-cutting a plywood sheet, these design items come in flat packages, ready to be assembled in a very intuitive way, by just jointing the elements with no glue or screws. Our showroom currently features the enlargeable birch bookcase, which can be assembled and enlarged as many times as you wish, to fit your space needs.

Intuitive assembly is also the core of the second design piece on display, a temporary desk that can be assembled and undone anywhere, to create a neat workstation that even features ad hoc openings for any sort of cable. Last but not least, our showroom also features the hand-cart by Mario Pagliaro: inspired by the ready-made trend, it is the result of a meticulous study in terms of style and matter. Taken out of its usual context of use, it features an iron structure that supports a hand-cart tank made out of printed metal sheet, on which you can both sit and swing, thanks to the suspension effect given by the base that also lightens the whole item. Just like all the other pieces of furniture by Pagliaro, it comes in a intuitive, practical, simple packaging.

INFO: mariopagliaro.it

PHOTO COURTESY: Mario Pagliaro

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