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Dchair #amabilmenteseduta: the latest creation by Simone Cappellanti
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Three legs for one chair. Comfortable and firm, made out of oak, either natural or in 5 different varnished colors: pink, light blue, green, black and white. An essential framework for a refined silhouette: the product suits the living room as well as the studio, the bedroom or any other space. Elegant yet playful, it addresses both adults and children. A perfect simplicity is the core of Dchair #amabilmenteseduta by Roman architect Simone Cappellanti, who proudly presents his latest creations.

Launched in 2015, the project is the result of a thorough study as well as an impeccable manufacture. In the beginning, the chair was meant to feature a white structure and pink or light blue seat and backseat. «During the actual development of the project, I thought of any hue that could look good on wood, basically any color», says Cappellanti, «moreover, beside the basic version I also created sort of limited-edition variations with seats and backseats upholstered in eco-leather». Dchair #amabilmenteseduta adapts to the users’ taste and needs, but has a specific mark: only three legs. «Three is the perfect number, why should I use four legs when three are enough?», asks the designer, who also confesses: «I’ve always thought that owning a personal chair at the age of three is priceless!».

INFO: www.cappellanti.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Simone Cappelanti

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