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Tuorlo Design Studio – the design with an all-female vision
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Co-founded by Kasia Nasilowska and Jessica Russo, Tuorlo is a design studio that deals with product and communication and works in collaboration with Italian artisan companies, with whom it develops its products by following the entire production process.
The intention, behind this all-female design studio, is to make their own products capable of telling stories, create narrative objects, able to transform themselves into real inhabitants of the houses, familiar figures and friendly presences.
The objects of Tuorlo Design Studio are distinguished by their strong emotional charge, attention to detail and the highest quality of production; thus inserting themself into the domestic environment with poetic sweetness and feminine lightness.

With this idea was born Cucchiaio Bugiardo, a candle holder made of a double-color porcelain whose design is inspired by the first antique candlesticks, the so-called lies, the candle holders with the handle. The old shape and the way of use it have been reinterpreted in a modern key, by launching a small lie with the shape of the spoon: an object that draws the attention on what is its real function and amazes because it seems that the candle is mysteriously suspended.
Among the many pieces showcased at our showroom, the range of design objects by Tuorlo Design Studio also includes Torino, a collection of glass plates and wooden underplates on which is reported, summarizing, a decoration inspired by the structure of the Mole Antonelliana, from which the collection takes precisely the name. Regarding the dishes, the decoration is placed in the lower part so that it does not spoil with wear and contact with food. Each underplate is accompanied by its plate, thus giving life to the definitive decoration: each piece lives and is realized through the other.
To know all the other design pieces of this Italian-Polish brand, we are waiting for you in Baranzate in Via Monte Pordoi, 8 or come to pop up on our online shop.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.tuorlodesignstudio.com

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