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Workspace Design Show: 2024 UK Edition
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This year's edition of the Workspace Design Show (February 27th - 28th, 2024, Business Design Centre, London) presents a wide range of interesting novelties. An incredible spectacle for fair attendees, which has become a must-attend event for office interior professionals since its inception in 2021.

Here are some of the novelties:

Design Talks Lounge by Gensler
Curated by Gensler, the design concept for the Design Talks Lounge at the Workspace Design Show 2024 delves into the overarching theme "Bloom - Exploring the Thriving Ecosystem of Work Life". This engaging experience aims to shed light on and draw inspiration from nature, encouraging a positive perspective on the evolution of the world of work and life. Hunters, established and independent furniture consultants, have collaborated with sustainability-oriented companies to contribute to the realization of this project. To extend the life cycle and impact of the project, after the event, the plants and furnishings will be redistributed, ensuring a sustainable and waste-free approach.

Entrance by tp bennett
The architectural, design, and planning practice tp bennett is responsible for the installation at the entrance of the Workspace Design Show 2024. A series of elegant columns arranged in a conceptual maze, which serves as a symbolic representation of the intricate ecosystem of work life. Each column represents the diversity of experiences and challenges often encountered in life and, at the same time, symbolizes the growth, development, and resilience of trees in a garden. A conceptual maze that invites contemplation of organic nature, encouraging individuals to appreciate the beauty and resilience inherent in their professional journey. The work is completed by a captivating modular and linear lighting system, subtly integrated by iGuzzini with contemporary Kvadrat fabrics and specialist plant lighting from Soltec.

Insights Lounge by BDP
Designed exclusively by Lisa Pasi, a graduate interior designer with the international architects BDP, it will address the theme of the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. Pasi's vision promotes the purpose and validity of using natural materials within the workplace environment. To this end, wood and stone are not only aesthetically pleasing, fostering a sense of warmth, but also positively influence mood and well-being. Visitors will be able to enjoy both a tactile experience and encounter the different customizable options and unique qualities of natural materials, which will surely enrich the overall comfort and engagement of people in the workplace.

Living Workplace Lighting Installation
The Jason Bruges Studio presents two interactive lighting prototypes on the theme of the "Living Workplace." Each prototype is a 1:1 section of an existing, full-scale permanent artwork. The first prototype, called Energy Dynamics, uses technology to tell stories. The second prototype, entitled The Experience Tunnel, introduces interaction to foster human connection and collaboration.

Recharge Lounge
M Moser Associates has created a captivating oasis with the exquisite range of modular seating Pebble Rubble from the Italian furniture manufacturer Moroso that transports us into a forest landscape. Amidst the lively atmosphere of the Workspace Design Show, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature-inspired environments, where tranquility and rejuvenation seamlessly converge.

A series of novelties that will promote significant discussions about the future of the workplace, particularly in terms of best practices in sustainability.

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INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: Workspace Design Show

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