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Open-air elegance: Claudio Bellini x Higold, the symphony of outdoor design
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In recent years, the importance of outdoor space design has grown exponentially, with more attention devoted to creating aesthetic, comfortable and functional environments.
In this context, Claudio Bellini, a renowned Italian designer, has played a leading role, contributing his innovative vision and talent in the field of outdoor furniture.
Among Bellini's many collaborations, his designs created for Higold have attracted considerable interest due to their timeless elegance and impeccable functionality.
The collaboration with Higold represents a perfect marriage between the brand's dedication to creating high-quality outdoor furniture and Claudio Bellini's artistic sensibility. The products developed by Bellini for Higold are an emanation of the essence of contemporary Italian design, characterized by clean lines, ergonomic shapes and the skillful use of premium materials.

The Borromeo collection embodies timeless elegance and comfort. The chairs, tables and sofas in this line feature flowing, harmonious lines, juxtaposed with fine materials such as powder-coated aluminum and high-end outdoor fabrics. The modularity of the collection allows for the customization of outdoor spaces according to individual needs, while the fine details lend a touch of sophistication that makes it unique.

The Aio collection represents a perfect balance between minimalism and functionality. The outdoor furniture in this line is distinguished by its essential and clean forms, creating an atmosphere of absolute relaxation and comfort. The distinctive element of this collection is rope, a material known for its strength and versatility. The harmonious combination of rope and soft, curved silhouettes makes the Aio collection a memorable option for lovers of contemporary design.

The Riva collection offers a fascinating fusion of natural elements and modernity. The garden furniture in this line is inspired by the beauty of nature, using materials such as teak and aluminum to create pieces that blend harmoniously into outdoor spaces. The ergonomic design and sturdy materials ensure durability, making the Riva collection an ideal option for those seeking a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

The collaboration between Claudio Bellini and Higold has resulted in a series of outdoor furniture projects that embody the excellence of contemporary Italian design. The Borromeo, Aio and Riva collections testify to Bellini's ability to interpret contemporary needs, offering furniture solutions that combine style, functionality and quality, enriching outdoor spaces with a touch of comfort and timeless beauty.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: Higold Milano; Claudio Bellini

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