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Times 4 Coffee, portuguese flair
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If you think coffee tables must necessarily be low and hollow, get ready to change your mind: today’s project proves that even these pieces of furniture can be surprising and more useful than you expect. Innovation, surprise and technique merge into Times 4 Coffee, one of the latest projects by Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos, who enriched the regular small table with a great storage space. This design product holds four separated areas where to store anything from books to gadgets or even dishware, by selecting a specific slice for each sort of item. Each portion of the inner space can be characterized by a different hue – among coral, green, grey and light blue – and be actually exposed to add a hint of color to the room where the table is located.

Thanks to its pivoting system in fact, its four individual areas can be either concealed or shown at will, so that Times 4 Coffee can serve as a regular wood coffee table – perfectly suiting any interior due to its natural outer color – or as a more extravagant two layered and two colored design piece. Designed by Campos and produced by Polit, Times 4 Coffee mixes beauty and functionality all together, just like the designer’s style does. Campos in fact takes advantage of the available production methods, leveraging their potential to develop ingenious and practical products. He prides in finding surprising solutions, through the sound combination of materials and production methods, in a process that starts from within the object.

INFO: www.goncalocampos.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Gonçalo Campos

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