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Brand new offices for Prointel, characterized by a furniture modern style and by a bright spaces recalling the local classic architecture.

The headquarters of the independent Spanish TV producer, founded in 1970 by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, has been renovated by AGI Architect’s creativity, led by Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea and Nasser B. Abulhasan. The international studio bases its projects on four leading elements: innovation, sustainability, research and structural improvements.

Prointel headquarters are located in a ever-growing district in Madrid, where private houses and offices coexist. This mix has been reflected by AGI’s renovation project itself, aimed at creating a perfect balance amid the new and the original identity of the space.

The refurbishment focused on illuminating the interior, as well as on the pre existing backyard and its employment. Instead of creating a strong difference between the inside and the outside, the studio chose to bring the patio’s flooring indoor, to make the overall space more consistent.

The production area represents the core of the blueprint, surrounded by the offices and two wings, one dedicated to the creative team, one hosting technicians and their work boxes. The entrance is taken over by a massive wood staircase that matches and enhances the various ceramic details. Another important feature of the project is its green side, as both lighting and air-conditioning are aimed at saving energy with specific diffusion programs for each space.

Thanks to this project, the 10 year old much-awarded studio confirms the innovative feel of its style, caught in between contemporary design and local Spanish architecture.

INFO: www.agi-architects.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Miguel de Guzmán

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