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Eurasian Prize 2018 - International Festival of Architecture and Design
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Good news for all those who for some reason had not had time to register their entry for the international festival of architecture and design "The Eurasian Prize": the deadlines for registration and submission of entries have been extended. This became possible due to the rescheduling of the high-profile award ceremony for December 2018.
The Eurasian Prize is not just a competition, it is a non-profit project that unites professional designers, architects and students from all over the world. A real festival held since 2002 in Yekaterinburg, a city on the border between Europe and Asia, supported by the Union of Architects of Russia and the Union of Designers of Russia. For over 15 years, the festival has become a symbol of recognition by the international community of architecture and design professionals. The geography of its participants and guests has expanded from Yekaterinburg and Russia to the countries of Europe, Asia and America. Here's how to participate:

Categories 2018:
The Professional competition includes three categories:
- "Urban Development"
- "Architecture"
- "Design"

For students of specialized educational institutions was announced the Student competition "Living Environment Design" with four categories:
- "Future City"
- "Future House"
- "Home Interior"
- "Industrial Design"

To whom it may be interesting?
To architects, designers, technologists, building contractors, architectural bureaus, design studios and boutiques, manufacturers, and real estate companies, as well as to students.

Why is it interesting?
The jury of the International Festival of Architecture and Design "Eurasian Prize" consists of Russian and foreign experts. In different years, William Alsop, Werner Sobek, Evgeny Ass, Ken Smith, Massimiliano Fuksas, Andrey Bokov, Jean Pistre, Federico Delrosso, Luciano Zonta, Felino Palafox, Alberto Rubio, Dima Loginoff, Jean-Francois Cabestan, Antonella Dedini and other experts in the field of architecture and design joined the competition as jury members. The participants of the competition are offered a unique opportunity to get an independent expert evaluation of their skill, knowledge and talent.
Learn more about this year's international jury board here: (http://eurasian-prize.ru/en/competition-info/jury/). The list is not yet complete and other judges will be announced soon.

The terms of participation:
The Eurasian Prize calls for projects implemented not earlier than 2014, as well as projects under development. The Eurasian Prize honors both projects that have already been brought to life and also well-presented ideas and concepts. Technical requirements, deadlines for submitting entries and detailed rules you can find here: (http://eurasian-prize.ru/competition/conditions/), registration fee is provided.

For further questions: http://eurasian-prize.ru/en/our-contacts/

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: Eurasian Prize 2018

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