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Wood-Skin: architectural second skin
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Creating a new exclusive 3d look in a short time and with no massive costs? Wood-Skin makes this possible. An innovative product by All Wood & Special Materials, it transforms stiff plate materials by adding a third dimension, thanks to a digital design process. Intuitive and incredibly efficient, this solution allows to create, from scratch, contemporary complex architectural surfaces, with no use of composite materials. Wood-Skin features an unmatched material – resistant, well performing, innovative – that transforms the stiffness of many materials, such as wood, by adding fabric flexibility: the result is a great pliability that allows creating incredible 3d surfaces for both architecture and decoration.

Wood-Skin features countless custom solutions in terms of material (wood, plastic laminate, metal, leather) and surface orientation, either vertical (like walls or pillars) or horizontal (a counter top or a false ceiling). As far as textures are concerned, the same amount of options is available: each surface can feature different types of patterns (smart or regular) to create standard or custom panels. The easy, inexpensive, versatile application also allows users to be as creative as they wish, not just when it comes to wide surfaces but also to craft unique design items, like chairs, bookcases and so on. An endless creative source , yet with no effort: the product can be carried very easily, just like a normal flat surface; moreover, it gets assembled in just a few steps, as it is fully formed already. Patented and completely made in Italy, Wood-Skin is the cutting-edge solution to shape any space with no limits.

INFO: info@awspecialmaterials.com

PHOTO COURTESY: ALL WOOD & Special Materials

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