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Traveling through design objects with Massimiliano Pavon
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What does interior design mean to you?

To me interior design is a chance to bring original objects into reality. The difference between interior design and art is that art is more about metaphorical contents whilst interior design targets the widest possible public with a message that has only one interpretation. Today’s design trends feature limited collections or unique pieces, which makes art and interior design closer thanks to the latest technical production processes like 3d printing. The art-design field, which includes my design objects too, has the freedom of art with not just the essential aim of design, which is a positive feedback and the purchase of a piece to satisfy a need.

Describe yourself in three words.

Unflinching, curious, intuitive.

Do your creations aim to be understood by anyone?

My design objects belong to the art-design field instead of pure design, therefore my first aim is not for them to be understood by the largest possible public. Some of my design objects, like the aluminum artistic limited collections or the hanger range made out of natural stones, come from the awareness of being appreciated by just a tiny audience. In this way they become elite design objects as they don’t meet the common taste. On the other hand, other design objects of mine, such as the sport-related collection, are more likely to be widely understood.

Some of your design items are related to sport: is it your personal passion or just an inspiration?

It is just an inspiration source. Actually these design items were meant to target children but they ended up appealing adults, probably because of a reminiscence-effect. I like to employ objects in a complete different way in comparison to their original purpose.

Is there a link between your creations and your personal life?

My personal life is made of observing reality, either natural or artificial, to get new inspirations. Therefore I think it it impossible to me make a distinction between the two.

Talking about personal life, what does your home look like? How did you decorate your private space?

There are several paintings and works by me, unique pieces in particular, but also design objects off their original context.
My worktop is half of a U-shaped wooden table from an old countryside school, which now looks like a V, reminding of a grand piano. As for lighting, I am very strict: even though I appreciate author-pieces, I rather avoid to use lighting objects as I prefer light diffusion systems to create the sense of natural light. That said, I also have my “Paperina” stem lamp beside the sofa: there are only two pieces of it, it means a lot to me.

Let’s talk about ecology. How do you relate to it?

My initial experiences had a strong bio-ecological side, with limited design objects made out of Italian cultivated wood and no metal components. Those design items were then finished by using natural ingredients such as oils, waxes or resins melted in citrus essential oils. After that I got more familiar with stone, marble, aluminum and steel. I’m aware of the consequences of production process on the environment, but all of my design objects are made of just a few components which are decomposable and recyclable

What kind of designers inspires you?

Today contemporary design is more and more common, with self-produced or unique pieces. Self-production is also a good way for good designers to promote their work. Good design has always new elements, it represents an original point of view on reality. New information technologies play an important role because they make possible to create new forms that cannot be produced by traditional techniques, expanding the power of imagination. I get to see exceptional design objects every day, made by different designers. Thanks to the new means of communication, emerging talents can promote their work.

What’s the must-see city in terms of design and architecture?

I think the best Italian city to work or study within the design field is Milan.

What’s the most interesting event?

To me, the unmissable events for a designer are the art-related ones, such as Venice Biennale.

What’s the attitude of the Italian market towards emerging designers? What does it take to become famous?

In my opinion, the first thing to do to be a successful designer is to enroll to a good interior design school which also offers cultural experiences by exploiting the new communication technology opportunities. It is important to work on the relationship with the school, the educational environment and the co-workers. One very useful thing is to get to know the latest design technologies and 3D modeling as they offer both production shortcuts and truly original points of view on reality. As teacher of digital modeling at the Scuola Mosaicisti dei Friuli in Spilimbergo, I really care for this subject.

Can you tell us something about your future projects?

My next project is a range of light airy coat hangers inspired to nature.

INFO: http://www.insilvis.it/index.html


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