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The design told by the artist Tina Bellini
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A family of craftsmen, a passion for furniture and design, a Pescara’s soul ... this is the identikit of our artist Tina Bellini. A lifetime of breathing art that led her to found her own store - Visionnaire Gallery - where she exhibits her own creations, furniture and where she communicates her own concept of design.
In her furniture, Tina finds herself, she chooses them carefully and when she has identified the furniture to be decorated, that can be a chair, a bedside table, a mirror or any other furniture, she decides how to reinvent it, decorating it with recycled paintings or materials, thematic to which she is very related, such as old cans.
But there is a kind of decor that particularly representing her, that is, the use of newspaper clippings that she uses to give life to these furniture in the raw state. She chooses a theme and tells it by cutting and matching words or even simple letters that she finds in the newspapers. This is how her creations come to life, creating unique objects that can tell a story.

An example of this creativity is "Warhol", a console and mirror dedicated to the namesake artist, made under the project "A furniture, an artist of the '900s", which includes a series of decorative pieces in honor of the greatest artists of the '900s. A work that fully reflects the style of one of Pop Art's iconic artists and where it is possible to recognize some of his distinctive features: the word "Campbell" covering the back of the mirror and the lips of Marilyn Monroe, famous in all over the world, hidden inside the drawers.
At our showroom you can also admire "Coke", an antique furniture completely redesigned with images of the world's most famous drink and "Universo", a lounge table that portrays an eye containing the universe. "The center of the universe is in the eyes of the people who compose it" - Bellini explains - "the personality, the fears and the beauty of each individual are seen and gathered through the eyes, for me the utmost expression and essence of each one of us" .

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