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SPREAD: a piggy bank or perhaps a game where winning is undoubtedly worthwhile
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Francesco Paolo Maria Giuliani, designer and art director with numerous experiences and professional collaborations with various organizations, associations, companies and individuals, has always been fascinated by the creative act, pure and simple form of communication, which he interprets by mixing art, design and poetry within his projects.

"Among the infinite ways to start a project, the one that starts from an emotion is undoubtedly the most fascinating, the purest, the most humble.”

This is how the Spread piggy bank takes shape, a handmade product "100% Made in Italy" that can be seen as a game where winning is undoubtedly convenient.
The provocation behind the design idea is to recreate, on a domestic scale and in an ironic way, the mechanism of the financial markets, the continuous up and down flows that in this case become a playful moment, a challenge to be undertaken within a group of friends or family.

Spread is a ceramic artefact, a complicated piece due to its geometric characteristics compared to those of the material, which has seen an important phase of research to arrive at the final product. It is an Italian handcrafted product, handmade by master ceramists; precisely this connotation makes each product, in its small imperfections, unique and different from all the others, giving the object an added value.
A reinterpretation of one of the most traditional and "vintage" objects of our childhood, which has always been present in the home and which could certainly not be missing from the selection of design objects by SpazioTID, the showroom just outside Milan, where the best of design finds its home.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: Francesco Paolo Maria Giuliani

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