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Shinn Asano playing pick-up sticks
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Red sticks intertwined with one another, enhanced by lights and shadows creating 3d effects: this is a collection by Shinn Asano,whose studio has been founded in 2012The design of this collection reminds of pick-up sticks game. The aim is bringing into modern interiors some elements related to local craftsmanship quality by employing models, layouts and hints recalling made-in-Japan design. Stools, coat-racks, coffee tables, lamps: each of the six pieces of the collection is made of the same sticks (and glass) which adapt to different shapes.

Every piece is inspired by Japanese culture. Nobolu coat-rack reminds of ancient hieroglyphics: the bottom represents the grass, the centre symbolizes the sun ready to rise whilst the top represents the tree. Hitotaba lamp shape reminds of sun-drying rice bundles, Amihajim table has been made the way bamboo baskets are made, from bottom to top. The collection also features Kagome and Ippon stools as well as Kage tableAsano’s pieces of design bring the traces of his birthplace to the International stage, turning tradition into a contemporary thing.

INFO: www.shinnasano.com

PHOTO: Courtesy of Shinn Asano

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