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Puzzle house by Carles Enrich Giménez
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Recycled materials, recesses and mezzanines: these are the core elements of this renovation by Carles Enrich Giménez. Located in Barcelona's Garcia district, the property involved sounds pretty eccentric and that is what it is, as the owners decided to renovate a former laundry instead of buying a new house. The place looks like a big open space with basically no walls, facing the outer patio which is the main focus.
Openness recurs in the interior design as well: the bathroom is the only actual room, whilst the rest of the spaces are just linked by staircases. The master bedroom is upstairs whilst the kid's room is on the ground floor, inside a sort of  recess behind the corridor.

The decoration is characteristic too, combining former parts with new materials and solutions, like original bricks, recycled wood beams and ceramic ceilings mixed with a more recent pinewood flooring as well as the one made out of colorful concrete. The project was aimed at exploiting natural light at its best, with no ventilation systems either.
A small loft looking like a big puzzle made of design pieces, in a big picture based on the balance between each element.

INFO: www.carlesenrich.com

PHOTO: Courtesy Carles Enrich Giménez


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