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Microstudio: from architecture to design
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Microstudio was born as an architectural studio in 2010 by architect Fabrizio Susi who, over time, began to approach the design world, becoming the main activity and leading to the creation of the homonymous design brand Made in Italy, self-produced.
Passion is the key word: just putting passion in what you do, can get satisfaction and visibility. Passion for a new product, a new project, characterized by a cure, almost maniacal, of the detail and technology used. Each object is designed by thinking about how to make it using the machining and the most suitable material.

In our showroom you will have the opportunity to admire the line of Concrete Desk Set, created by merging traditional techniques and new machining. Simple and linear shapes that enhance the play of volumes and give birth to a series of office objects with a strong feature using materials such as cement, wood and cork. The line consists of: Calendar, Clock, Pen Holder, Post It Holder and Business Cards Holder.
The Viceversa tables, on the other hand, are part of the first set of coffee tables made by Microstudio, made up of three models designed to fit into various places.
The distinctive element consists of the legs mounted opposite one another, Viceversa precisely, which give rise to a play of lines and perceptions that change according to the observation point. Each table is made in Italy through almost all craftsmanship using numerical control cutting only for the shaping of the parts that compose them. The legs are characterized by pastel color: yellow for the rectangular table, military green for the square one, and light blue for the triangular one.
Both product lines are available on our online shop.

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