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Mayfair Residence by No.12
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No.12 were taken on to create a curated and considered luxury interior design scheme that would stand apart from the homogenous West London luxe look.
The result is an apartment in which the precious traditional architectural elements of the property are combined with a more modern design, but applied with a more contemporary aesthetic.
All the traditional details of the nineteenth century, cornices and architraves, have been preserved and used to improve the overall design thus respecting the historical value of the building. As well as the selection of interior furniture that follows the same concept and mixes modern pieces with a more traditional and contemporary style.
The reception room walls and beading are painted in a cool grey to add a modern twist to the space while the traditional frames and the architraves have been highlighted using a touch of bright white. In the heart of the room there is a blue velvet sofa that gives color to all the surrounding space.
The design is further elevated by a careful selection of bespoke furniture, a key element found in all No.12 projects, which, enables the studio to push the boundaries in creative interior design and offer a truly tailored solution.

A combination of modern brands and vintage pieces to create a fresh interior that feels like a home curated with pieces collected over time. In this residence, bespoke, vintage, antique and modern designs have been harmoniously combined, from the classic reupholstered Halabala armchairs in the reception to the side table with a Novocastrian marble top.
A simplified palette ensures a calm and modern aesthetic throughout the residence bringing about the feeling of a contemporary luxury home. The reception, dining and kitchen spaces are refined, composed and current, with comfortable furniture and accessories perfecting an open plan living environment. A large deep piled rug fills the imposing expanse of the main living room area to denote a sense of space and make use of every available inch of the room. With this No.12 illustrates how being bold with the scale of furniture can benefit a space. They also show that fewer pieces of furniture on a larger scale can make a space feel grander.
Completing the space, a custom bench upholstered in luxurious soft rose coloured hairy hide to sit in front an antique grade-two listed fireplace.
A stairwell leading to the lower ground bedrooms has been painted in a dark grey to add a sense of drama that envelops the residents as they descend.
The master bedroom palette features rich tone accents, from the pop color of the red velvet cushions to the soft linen curtains with the details of the edges that open onto a private green walled patio area. Custom details include a bespoke headboard with a grand wide fluted design upholstered in a cool graphite suede fabric.
The lighting design for the residence is entirely contemporary, mixing luxury and modern lighting brands to vary the design and style. The lighting design style continues with the modern brass chandelier that rises above the dining table.
The result? A modern luxury home that can be lived comfortably and feels like it has evolved over time.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: http://no12studio.com

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