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Maurizio Giovannoni: all about color
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It was the project of a lifetime, bringing Maurizio Giovannoni to the international stage. In Torku, Finland, the young architect was able to fulfill any demand of his client for the renovation of a 65 square meters space which has been effortlessly turned into a colorful paradise. Well, it actually took several months of work, over 400 emails and a trip to and from Finland!
The original space was an apartment featuring too many walls and a poor lighting. The problem has been solved by creating a one-piece space bringing natural light in, and also by switching the living room and the beedroom to have a private space overlooking the city.

Color takes over the interior in the mix between North Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, the owner’s and the architect’s culture. This resulted in several combinations such as Finnish traditional wood with ash flooring, kitchen shelves and table with colorful wallpaper and yellow green varnished sections. The interior decoration features a range of different syles perfectly matching all together, such as the Sixties armchair beside a jungle-stile wallpaper and a Twiggy by Foscarini lamp. The bedroom features a lunar design by Bimba Landmann with blue hues combined to a wallpaper reminding of Finnish landscape, with frozen trees and crystals on it. A magical quiet place mixing cold hues with the warmth of wood.
A project that shows that it doesn’t take a wide space and an unlimited budget to create a stylish interior: it’s all about creativity and melting pot.

INFO: www.mauriziogiovannoni.it

PHOTO: Courtesy Mikko Ala-Peijari for Maurizio Giovannoni

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