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March 8th: Code word YELLOW
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The colors and their vibrations have always influenced our emotions, our state of mind and consequently our choices. You just need to change the color tone or its saturation to evoke completely different, even opposite sensations.
Sometimes color can express more than words, it does not lie and tells others something about us, like a business card, presenting ourselves and who we are to others.
And today, in the day dedicated to women from all over the world, we could not speak of the symbolic color par excellence: the YELLOW!

Solar and radiant, yellow is fashionable in all its nuances. A fresh and extrovert nuance, full of personality, which ignites the imagination, stimulates the intellect and promotes concentration.
It is often considered the most energizing and brilliant of warm colors; refers to the radiance that awakens and gives warmth, expansion and movement, freedom and self development. It is the color of enlightenment and redemption; who prefers yellow tends therefore to change and the search for the new, the liberation from the schemes.
A color that has always been a winner in interior decoration, which, if combined with white, that it has always been the starting point of all colors, can be used to make a room considered dark even brighter and create a feeling of wellbeing and peace at all the surrounding environment.
Obviously the yellow color can not miss at our showroom, it is present in all its shades and nuances, enhances the design objects with the most different shapes and functions.
From the flower-shaped chair by Anacleto Spazzapan, to the luminous stars that compose the constellation of Ursa Minore by Fabio Crimi, and let's not forget the tables created by Franco Eccel and by the design brand Microstudio that prefers pastel shades.
And then.. and then all you have to do is take a jump in via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate (near Milan) to discover all our "illuminated" design products in yellow.

INFO: Bianco Oikos

PHOTO COURTESY: TID - The Interior Design

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