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Luctra: healing light
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As we all know, contemporary design must be as sustainable as possible in order to slightly impact the environment. But what happens when such products are also capable of positively affecting a human being? As far as lighting is concerned, the smartest products in terms of energy saving are surely LED lights, which will be the focus of L.E.D. – Lighting Experience Design: promoted by Assodel (Italian Association of Electronics Clusters) and LedLab (Solid State Lighting network) in collaboration with TID, the event will showcase an overview of the latest news from the field.
Among these innovative design products you cannot miss LUCTRA®, the lamp range by Durable which combines the quality of the German brand to a deep study of the biological effects of light, resulting in a new lighting project dedicated to office working stations.

The mix of warm and cold LED light makes LUCTRA® capable of bringing an artificial yet natural illumination, which enhances the user’s well-being, also involving a better performance at work.

Created to implement the workers’ quality of life, these products feature an intuitive electronic system, VITACORE®, to adjust the quantity of light, as well as two USB plugs to charge electronic devices. Moreover, LUCTRA® lamps are also fully customizable via the VITACORE®-app. 

LUCTRA® TABLE PRO, LUCTRA® TABLE, LUCTRA® FLOOR and LUCTRA® FLOOR TWIN – four different versions to suit both floor and table – combine light functionality to a minimalistic modern design, providing an artificial light that can biologically vary its color-temp hand in hand with the natural light variation outside, making the users’ rhythm stable by enhancing their well-being. A project aimed at “human energy saving” that will surely make LED – Lighting Experience Design the stage for positive innovation.

INFO: www.luctra.eu


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