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Interior design... in chains!
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Alessandra Galiani, head Cates, the firm specialized in producing chains, tells TID how she turned a quite regular item into an interior design jewel.

Cates has been producing chains for almost a century. What’s their main feature?
«Our chains are versatile, customizable and made in Italy. Each project represents a one-off, thanks to the study that leads to its shape, forms, finishes, colors and materials, based on the client’s needs».
What’s your centerpiece?
«The marbles collection, which comes in different finishes: smooth, diamond-like, striped, python-like, dotted. We also have a “sheared-off” collection that is quite popular, with rectangular and drop-like shapes, as well as a stick-like collection».

What about the materials?
«Brass and stainless steel».
How can we use the chains?
«It’s a product that can be used in countless ways. Jewels, curtains, key chains, necklaces, gadgets. When it comes to interior decoration, they can be used on sliding panels, walls, recesses covered in chains, as well as lamps and chandeliers».
Which interior they fit the most in terms of decoration?
«Many concept stores in Milan chose to upholster their walls with chains, to create an interesting play of forms, colors, volumes and light. The texture of the chain allows to see the wall underneath, so you have a layered beautiful effect».
What about domestic spaces?
«You can use these chains to create circular recesses to emphasize certain spots, like in the dining or living room, as well as the master bedroom. The good thing about the chain is that it really fits any kind of space and environment».

INFO: catesdesign.com



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