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Ingrid Sol Leccia: matter above all
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Matter is certainly a leading feature of your work. Which are your favorite materials and why?
I mostly work with steel, as it allows a lot of possibilities : it can be cut, rolled, welded, painted, etc…
I also employ EPDM, normally used for joints. I love its sensual touch and its matte black color.
The last material I’ve been exploring is rope. The first rope peace by me is nOlita.

What do you think will be the material of the future in terms of art?
There is no just one material that will be the leading choice for the future. Every day we discover new ways to transform and re-use the very same materials, especially those belonging to industrial production.

How thin is the boundary between sculpture and design?
I personally don’t believe in tags: to me such boundary is really thin and fluid. The only thing that separates art and design is the function of the final piece, as most of the time a design item has a specific function.

Is there any difference between a male and a female sculpture? has your work been influenced in any way by your gender?
Unlike me, female sculptors rarely employ metal, however my works has often been defined very feminine, and that’s because my approach towards materials aims at flexibility, lightness and poetry.

Tell us about your swing exhibited at TID showroom.
nOlita is my latest creation. It’s a swing-sculpture, the actual result of my material research. The main elements of nOlita are rope and movement, merged together in an out-and-out artistic work (which is also a massive piece of handicraft) made out of 42 meters of rope. The only thing that makes it a design item too is its function.

Which artists and designers mainly affected your work?
Richard Serra, Patricia Urquiola, Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, Nacho Carbonell, Campana Brothers, Paola Navone and Philippe Stark to just mention a few.

How would you describe your philosophy?
Enjoy your life at its fullest and never take yourself too seriously!

INFO: www.leccia.eu

PHOTO COURTESY: Ingrid Sol Leccia

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