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HEN and QR: the creative side of design
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Two Italian design items sharing flair and steel: HEN consolle and QR vase holder, by Nikla steel design, are two leading pieces of the contemporary design selection hosted at our Spazio TID showroom - located in Milan’s Baranzate district (Via Monte Pordoi 8).
Bringing a bold touch to the entrance, or to any space of the house: that’s the aim of HEN, the patterned steel consolle produced via laser technology. Bold yet light and thin, it features different colors and even a custom pattern, as well as an extra-bright glass top that makes it even lighter.

Inspired by and named after QR codes is vase and vase holder QR, whose surprising ingredient is interactivity. The QR code formed by its pattern, in fact, actually works if scanned with our phones. QR is also a versatile piece of design, as its white box can serve many different purposes, from holding toys to magazines and so on.
HEN and QR are just two examples of the Italian flair by Nikla, that brings a unique feel to our Spazio TID, the place where art, creativity and design meet.

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