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Forte Design Week: the curtains close on the first edition
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Sunday 23 July ended the first edition of Forte Design Week. An event that aims to bring the resort of Forte dei Marmi on the stage of the Italian design and who knows, in a few years, reach also the international one.
There are all good intentions to become a great event, starting with the large number of audience who initially attracted by curiosity, was fascinated by designers’ works, creations able to capture the attention and eye of the visitor.
Multi-faceted designers with different techniques and schools of thought. Creations born from all different combinations and from the wise use of different and multiple materials.
From the art/design pieces of Anacleto Spazzapan, which assembles iron fragments that create empty spaces and transparencies; to the design objects of MA.T.O. collection from Pollodesign Factory: limited edition or even one--offs pieces, resulting from the interesting mix amid traditional processing and craftsmanship on the one hand, and quality materials with high-end hand finishes on the other.

From the design lamp by MATLIGHT Milano, where "stone meets the light" to go to the objects of the Night Created Design brand, born from a deep knowledge about iron and wood working.
Not to forget the works of artist Alice Corbetta, taking part of the collection "Attraverso lo specchio", a series of mirrors decorated with a particular photographic technique.
Numerous actors who attended the birth and the material realization of this event: first of all, Dr. Francesco Tursini, Managing Director of TID–Theinteriordesign.it and the artist Daniele Basso, founder of GlocalDesign Studio, they came up with the idea and the willingness to give Forte dei Marmi a own design week. Dr. Patrizia Grigolini, owner of the art gallery Il Forte Arte and Villa Bertelli Foundation that has provided its fabulous location with the patronage of the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi.
A great media support has also been received from the most famous and internationally renowned Florentine event: the Florence Design Week.
A success born by the combination of synergies that have allowed the good success of what will definitely be a periodical appointment that can give even more prestige to the famous tourist resort.
So we give you a date next year with the second edition of Forte Design Week.


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