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Desert Light, where nature meets design
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Feminine enchanting shapes catch the eye and surprise with warm light effects: Desert Light lamps, by architect and designer Serena Fanara, feature a range of colorful semitransparent products, with as many as 20 hues to create unique design pieces. Exhibited at our Spazio TID showroom, Desert Light lamps merge versatility, modernity and refinement in one design product, thanks to their specific manufacture. After being 3d printed, they get individually hand crafted, signed and numbered, creating a quality limited edition that is also enhanced by an authenticity guarantee.

Desert Light lamps can be customized on demand, both in terms of size and color; due to the waterproof finish, they suit any sort of space, from indoor to outdoor. How come these design lamps are so captivating, yet gentle? That's certainly because of the natural inspiration that lies behind them, as their shapes recall cactuses, just like the collection name suggests. Playful, elegant and feminine, Desert Light lamps can be matched with each other by choosing from the many sizes and hues available: this will create a unique, surprising atmosphere that will warm up any space.
To enjoy this design limited edition, come visit us at Via Monte Pordoi 8, at the gates of Milan.

INFO: serenafanara.it

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