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Day and Night: healthy design
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If you think contemporary design is just a matter of aesthetic and practical functionality, get ready to change your mind: today’s project is the “living” proof that sometimes design items can affect positively on their user in many ways, including psycho-physically. Energy rebalancing is in fact the main purpose of Day and Night lamp, by Dutch designer Éléonore Delisse whose works sets a bridge between form and experience by triggering both material and immaterial consequences into people’s everyday life. Day and Night is based on the circadian clock, that is the day-night 24 hour cycle: thanks to the continuous diffusion of colored light, this lamp can balance our body clock. A good circadian cycle is very important to each one of us, as proved by the so-called seasonal affective disorder, which kicks in during autumn and winter when light levels go down.

Since our body clock responds to the light, Day and Night offers an artificial light which is synced to the ideal circadian cycle: thanks to the rotating dichroic glass on the top, the lamp generates a blue light in the mornings, to lessen melatonin production and stimulate wakefulness; in the evenings it offers a warm amber glow that sets off melatonin production and makes you drowsy. The essence of Day and Night is its dichroic glass material, which also gives the item a unique delicate look. Feminine and light, Day and Night goes beyond the boundaries of design, reaching out to the wellness field: a quality remarkable characteristic that made Delisse gain the Life Enhancer of the Year prize at the latest Wallpaper Awards.

INFO: www.eleonoredelisse.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Laurids Gallée

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