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Cristina Lefter honors Jackson Pollock with her Dripping Stools
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Cristina Lefter is born in the 1976 in Telenesti, Moldavia from parents who come from Romenia.
When she’s little goes at the artistic secondary school Octav Bancila in Lasi and later to the Art Accademy Gorge Enescu. In 2002 she moves to Italy, first Padova and then Milan, where she lives and works. She exhibits her artworks in Romania, in France and in many italian cities.
With the canvas lying on the floor and the enamel’s cans in her hands Cristina Lefter is ready to act, she’s ready to “action painting”.
It’s said “action painting” a kind of painting free from any scheme, shape or preconceived model, immediate in its execution, spontaneous in the realization, in which take part any part of the body, such as arms, legs, feet, nose, etc.

The color could even be spread with a really big brush or even be splashed with any kind of means on the canvas or sometimes it could be wildly smashed. For this genre of painting it is necessary to keep the canvas or the thing you want to color in a horizontal position, but could even be left on vertical in a dynamic position, so in movement. Everything is told by the chance, even the choice of colors.
The color drips and creates shapes that show the artist’s spirit.
Cristina explains that her satisfaction comes out of the alchemic mix of enamels and the dynamics that are crated using them: “A part of the artwork is created by myself, the other one is created by the enamel itself.”
A new vision that present a cycle of works where tradition of action painting meets the surrealistico ne, and with enamels it hides enigmatic faces and landscapes and invites the viewer to find out the veiled abstract lines.
This is the way the three stools are created, they’re called “Dripping Stools”, each one is a unique piece painted by hands by the artist.
They can be bought on the TID online shop and directly in the showroom in Via Pordoi 8, Baranzate, really close to Milan.

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: www.cristinalefter.it

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