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Contrast takes over Chişinău
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A 210 square meters loft all about contrast: that's what Grosu Art Studio designed in Moldavia. The location is a white interior featuring both design lamps and former elements such as metal beams and in view pipes, as the loft used to be an attic. The space is decorated by light such as many spotlights as well as Samurai lamp by Robby Cantarutti for Vibia, or Ameba standing above the dining table.

The living area is a big open space split by an XL U-shaped sofa separating the dining room and the kitchen from the living room, both overlooking a glass wall towards the lake. The white pieces of furniture are contrasted by colorful details such as bold paintings on the walls, making the place look like an art gallery. Contrast also recurs in the black elements, clashing with other pieces like kitchen stools, sofas, walls and even an armchair to create a pleasant play between light and dark. The key element of contrast continues in the three bedrooms with olive-tree wood beds and all-white walls. One of these room features a round-shaped bed in front of the window, another one has a blue cloth cladded king size bed with an irregular wavy headboard reminding of the dining room lamp. A glamour interior where every space has a bold character.

INFO: grosuartstudio.com

PHOTO: Courtesy Grosu Art Studio

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