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Clac: decorating light
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It started with a look at the fridge: that's how Stefano Zanaboni designed Clac, the innovative lamp that brought a new feel to light design. The aim was to create something rather than just design something. Clac is made of three parts: mast, base and a moving bright disc creating two lights of different colors, a warm one to light up a bedroom and a cold one for a workplace. Thanks to the employment of LED lights, the piece is also a low consumption lamp which lights up and also decorates a room. The three parts are made out of slat red fir picked by the designer because of its irregular vains: “I love the scent of fresh-smoothed wood, I love to hand-wash it and smell the sawdust. It's a material that needs to be cuddled” he said.

The lamp is also innovative because of the absence of a switch as well as the possibility to flex it as much as you want beside choosing its color from time to time in just one simple move which is plugging the disc to the mast. Moving light is also the inspiration of the designer's next project involving an 800 square meter space in which moving light to where it's needed thanks to the employment of magnetic contact and low voltage tracks.

INFO:  www.behance.net/stefanozanaboni          

Photo Courtesy Stefano Zanaboni

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