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CityHub to the conquest of Rotterdam
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Witte de Withstraat, one of Rotterdam’s liveliest and well-known streets, welcomes the second property of the CityHub brand, which, as in the case of CityHub Amsterdam, is aimed at a generation with a digital lifestyle, who make the most out of the interactive features and enjoy being connected 24/7.
And it is precisely the Hubs location and concept that has provided the inspiration for the building’s new interior design. Through preserving traces of the old walls and finishes and combining them with a new material palette, the three adjacent buildings have been cleverly merged to allow each to retain their individuality.
The intensity of the color changes on each floor, using daylight as a guide to ensure contrast. As sunlight moves through the building, the interior colours on each floor take a lighter hue to create a distinctive, lightening colour palette as you descend floor by floor. To achieve this effect a base colour has been chosen for the ceiling and is mixed with tones of grey to create the gradient for wall finishes.

In the digital check-in point, a large white object draws the visitors' attention: a chandelier on the ceiling, splitting into several different light lines that guide guests throughout the entire building. This unusual, stretched-out, linear chandelier acts as a way finding sign and connects all the buildings. The light is reflected towards the ceiling or filtered to highlight the accents in the interior.
Signing, inspired by overlay of different materials in the existing buildings, plays a big role in the design. With catchy phrases applied on the walls, the building itself becomes a friendly host, referencing urban surroundings and inviting every passerby to step inside and experience the space.
The lower ground floor level is occupied by a hangout seating area – a lively space influenced by the urban surrounding of the “Witte de Withstraat”. Sea green wall made of lockers seamlessly merges with the interior, floor tiles reflect the shade of the ceiling, while colours used on the walls replicate the lightest hues used throughout the hotel.
The interior of the building is heavily layered, using not only various layers of materials, but also custom-made elements. The best example of this approach can be found in bathrooms, where bespoke sinks and wall cabinets partly cover the existing windows. Without blocking the view, a new layer is created over the old structure of the building. Bathroom finishes colours vary from blue to pink and go against gender stereotypes. Completed with custom sink elements and mirror details, these common spaces are filled with sophisticated personal touches.
The interior design of the new CityHub Rotterdam connects the building and its inhabitants with both the street outside and the city beyond. Its gradient colors spilling out, drawing attention to the bustling digital lobby and vibrant hangout while also giving a glimpse to private hubs and lives that lie above.
The design team at Studio Modijefsky, with this new project, have thus created an alluring addition to the energetic street vibe of Witte de Withstraat, a place where the tech savvy millennials can hang out and connect, while those on the street can peek into the CityHub world from outside.

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: http://www.studiomodijefsky.nl/projects/#/city-hub/

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