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Chains bring versatility to interior design
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Architect Laura Muggiasca, head of Cates, specialized in chain production, tells TID how to employ chains in our everyday home decoration.

Mrs Muggiasca, chains are frequently used in terms of interior design. How?
“The latest trends of design employ chains in new unconventional ways. For interior design in particular, chains can serve as curtains, walls, separating elements, frames, sliding doors, panels, headboards, closet shutters. They become subtle elegant additions that enhance the space, bringing a unique style”.

In your experience, where is it more necessary to use dividing walls? Big or small spaces?
“It depends on the use of the chain. We employed chains as separating walls both in small and big space projects. What really matters is to define, for each situation, the final effect in terms of look and of course functionality”.

What about sliding doors?
“Our sliding doors feature a MDF cornice that can be finished with resins, micro-concrete or paint, as well as polished/matte varnishing, based on the client's needs. The frame can be emphasized with many chains, with custom designs and laying schemes. Cates chains feature different forms, diameters and hues, so they can deliver highly surprising effects when mixed to the frame itself. The doors also feature glass, which can be customized as well”.

Can chains be 100% customized?

“We offer a very wide range in terms of form, size, color and finishes, so you can get endless panel combinations. Each use requires different chains: for instance, curtains require light fluid chains with a small diameter (1 to 4 mm), whilst panels can feature bigger chains with more particular forms, something that can really drag our attention”.

INFO: catesdesign.com - www.cateslegnano.com

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