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Canal Birdhouse: get the Amsterdam look
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When a design item goes beyond fulfilling a function by also telling a story, that’s when it becomes a unique bold piece. Today’s project is a successful example of such, created for one of Europe’s most famous museums, that is Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, an actual mecca of the art from the Old Continent. To honor the history and beauty of the capital of the Netherlands by merging its history in just one piece of design, Amsterdam-based Frederik Roijé agency created Canal Birdhouse, a birdhouse range inspired by the iconic architecture that still overlooks the city’s canals. 

The collection pays homage to the Dutch Golden era, dating back to the XVII century, by scaling Amsterdam’s unique houses down to a Lilliputian size. Made out of weatherproof plywood and brass, these light design items merge an ironic shape and a conceptual architecture study together, which gets enhanced by the monochromatic charcoal hue that makes Canal Birdhouse very identifiable. Neat, refined, essential, Canal Birdhouses bring a bit of Amsterdam to any space.

INFO: www.roije.com

PHOTO COURTESY: Frederik Roijé agency

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