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SURFACE Design Middle East: a new look to be discovered
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Seaweed walls, thistle-lined boards and reflective ceilings are just some of the major new surface innovations being brought to the region’s premier covering solutions platform in 2018.
SURFACE Design Middle East, the sister show of INDEX and WORKSPACE, and previously known as Middle East Covering, will welcome more than 60 exhibitors representing 100 global brands, with more than 65% of those taking part in the show for the first time.
With exhibiting firms coming to the event from nearly 20 different countries, SURFACE Design Middle East will be more international than ever before, as the show continues to grow on the global stage as one of the design industry’s prime platforms for flooring materials and wall and ceiling finishes, from both a supplier and buyer perspective.
After the record number of exhibitors registered last year, this year the event is getting ready to be even more engaging and successful, if it were still needed.
The high quality of the exhibitors and the inclusion of some of the most intriguing new products on the market - such as seaweed and thistle - will make the event once again the voice of authority on this most influential of design sector.

The exhibition, heading into its fourth year, offers a one-stop shop for any designer, architect or contractor’s flooring, wall and ceiling needs across four sectors: Architectural Exterior & Interior Surface Materials, Composite/Resilient Flooring, Technology & Equipment and Textile Covering (wall to wall).
These products also include acoustic wall panels, industrial and sports flooring, wallpaper print, vinyl tiles, 3D models, solid surfaces, wood cladding, curtain walling, facades, machine made carpets and carpet tiles, and surface treatment solutions - in essence, every possible surface required for creating and finishing a space.
In the hope of creating its most engaging covering experience to date, a new show feature, the Innovative Interiors Maze, that will give visitors a unique walkthrough experience, allowing them to touch and feel the latest surface trends and ingenious materials being introduced to the industry, including the like of sustainable, decorative panels of seaweed and reflective ceiling materials.
Additionally, and perhaps the most creative live demonstration to take place across SURFACE Design Middle East or its sister shows, INDEX and WORKSPACE, Dutch street-cum-luxury artist Pablo Lücker will be working his magic on a blank canvas, transforming its surface with his signature dream-script, graffiti style.
Not just an event, but a bridge that allows architects, consultants, contractors and other industry specifiers to come together, network, learn and source products that create world-class interiors.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.surfacedesignexhibition.com

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