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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

Alain Marzat, fashion-lover designer

From fashion art direction to design: Alain Marzat, from France, is an out-and-out polyhedric talent. The self-taught designer, inspired by Bauhaus school, works on two different design paths: the first one is ...

Published: 28/09/2013

Boda Horák Studio: a heart of glass

From 1980 to 2013, from Prague to the world: this is Czech designer Boda Horák’s work, whose latest creation consists of a lamp collection made of selected items that cannot be industrially reprodu...

Published: 26/09/2013

Symbolism by Fabien Barrero-Carsenat

Fabien Barrero-Carsenat’s independent design mixes old and modern styles to create symbolic pieces inspired by ancient tribes and made of rough materials. Marble, ceramic and wood are mixed all together t...

Published: 20/09/2013

Essential forms by Leonardo Talarico

He was born in 1988, yet his talent looks older than 25: Leonardo Talarico stands out in the current design scene as one of the 15 more talented under-35 designers, according to Interni magazine. He collaborate...

Published: 16/09/2013

Analogia Project

Theirs is a fairy house: Mancuso and Serra, founders of Analogia Project, put in place their search for an interior design combining daily life with a touch of magic. On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2013 the...

Published: 25/08/2013

NATURA at 2013 Design Week

Asian creativity hit Milan during the last design Week when the SUPERSTUDIO hosted Ezel’s exhibit. NATURA table, a Good Design Award winner, features an ultra-light intangible framework and an extra-...

Published: 12/08/2013

Holland hits Tortona Locations

During the design week in Milan, Tortona Locations introduced for the second time New Duivendrech, founded by Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble, whose aim is to spread the quality of Dutch craftsma...

Published: 05/08/2013

Givarps musical design

From Sweden to Milan: brothers and designers Johan and Sven Isaksson hit the Fuorisalone section dedicated to made in Sweden design. Givarps, their brand,combines their curiosity and creativity with their ...

Published: 04/08/2013

The power of color in Luca Bassani’s work

Creativity and rationality, nature and an industrial look: that’s architect Luca Bassani’s work, combining opposites together like in Node Chair, the latest work of the designer, presented at the 20...

Published: 28/07/2013

Ciclope: the enchanting bright eye

Designers M. Stella Aloia and Orietta Ceccato created Ciclope, a lamp produced for the 2012 Design Week by ILIDE brand, a Made in Italy firm that creates particular pieces of furniture thanks to the collaborati...

Published: 16/07/2013

Seré/Dondossola: local design

Designers Jeroen Seré and Claudia Dondossola combined Italian and Belgian culture to create their detailed technological linear pieces displayed at the Salone del Mobile Fair. Awarded with the Mookum &ld...

Published: 14/07/2013

Chilean supportive light design

An heart and eye healing light, that’s what Chilean LUM presented at 2013 Euroluce. The project by architect and designer Estefania Johnson has been assembled by Colina di Santiago prison inmates. A susta...

Published: 03/07/2013

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