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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

CPR project: a two storey loft where light takes over

Daylight comes in through windows and skylights, illuminating a two storey design loft in the heart of Milan. Its design project is by local +R | piuerre architecture studio, specialized in renovating and resty...

Published: 15/11/2015

Michael Anastassiades: Clean essential design lamps between light and shape

Clean essential design lamps to capture a small part of natural light’s complexity: Michael Anastassiades, designer, artist and civil engineer, believes that men cannot replicate Mother Nature’s cre...

Published: 02/11/2015

The Boro Hotel, design furniture and industrial style meets in NYC

A 108-room hotel in the heart of NYC’s Queens, facing Manhattan. Today’s ambitious project is by Grzywinski + Pons: led by Matthew Grzywinski and Amador Pons, the studio is committed to design excel...

Published: 23/10/2015

Templestowe, Australia:when renovation means revolution

How can you restore the original beauty of a neglected house? Today’s project is the answer, a fantastic renovation of a Seventies one storey place which haven’t been maintained for too many years. ...

Published: 14/10/2015

Silver House: greek purity

Where do architecture, design and environment meet? Probably on Greece’s Zante island, home of today’s amazing project. Silver House is a house that mixes together the best of contemporary style as ...

Published: 21/09/2015

Masquespacio: back to school

If the identity of an institute – especially nowadays when interior design is a hot topic – is defined by its appearance, Acadèmia Altimira – based in Cerdanyola de Vallés, Barce...

Published: 16/09/2015

Luctra: healing light

As we all know, contemporary design must be as sustainable as possible in order to slightly impact the environment. But what happens when such products are also capable of positively affecting a human being? As...

Published: 10/04/2015

Salon Eva Michelle: merging past and present

To turn a 96 square meter space into a modern fascinating hair salon owned by two celebrities of the field, Dash Marshall studio created an interior design renovation project that merged old and contemporary al...

Published: 07/03/2015

Alessandra Meacci: “Living” design

What made you become an interior designer?To me interior design complements architecture design, as it makes you enter a more “intimate” dimension of the project and create a certain atmosphere by p...

Published: 10/02/2015

MOTT 32: when design turns into a journey

Central Hong Kong has recently became the Mecca of astonishing venues in terms of interior design. One of the hottest designers of the moment is surely Joyce Wang, who just signed another successful project rig...

Published: 11/12/2014

SALVA46: sharing with style

If you think sharing a small apartment is bad for your privacy, here’s the answer you were looking for: SALVA46. In Barcelona Studio P10 and Miel Arquitectos have designed this “shared micro-li...

Published: 10/10/2014


What’s the common feature shared by your projects? Both my architecture and interior design works represent a functional, long-lasting, elegant project, something sophisticated that doesn’t need ...

Published: 26/09/2014

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