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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

Fashion beauty and customization meet in Fewood

What is the idea behind Fewood?Fewood is a start-up that belongs to a group of firms that have been working for 30 years in visual communication and fashion. The aim is to turn such know-how into innovative int...

Published: 18/06/2017

"Sofia" tea set - the tea culture in the Serap Korkmaz' design

Born in 1988 in the Turkish capital, the interior designer Serap Korkmaz decided to move to Milan where she graduated at the European Institute of Design - IED. Her thesis project was exhibited at VIAFARINI / F...

Published: 19/05/2017

Wood-Skin: architectural second skin

Creating a new exclusive 3d look in a short time and with no massive costs? Wood-Skin makes this possible. An innovative product by All Wood & Special Materials, it transforms stiff plate materials by addin...

Published: 24/02/2017

HEN and QR: the creative side of design

Two Italian design items sharing flair and steel: HEN consolle and QR vase holder, by Nikla steel design, are two leading pieces of the contemporary design selection hosted at our Spazio TID show...

Published: 07/02/2017

Two in one with Black Drop

Two pieces of furniture in one. Modern, functional and space saver, it goes by the name of Black Drop: this unique sideboard serves two different purposes, as it features both storage drawers and particular hol...

Published: 11/10/2016

Interior design... in chains!

Alessandra Galiani, head Cates, the firm specialized in producing chains, tells TID how she turned a quite regular item into an interior design jewel. Cates has been producing chains for almost a century. What...

Published: 06/07/2016

Sifter, outdoor lamp/table

The rural tool it is named after comes to new life by becoming a modern design piece designed by Piero Guadagno and Stefano Cibelli: Sifter, an outdoor table/lamp. Made out of wood marbles – three types a...

Published: 15/06/2016

Igor The Illusionist: magical design

A unique, distinguishable design lamp for a very important award. That is Igor The Illusionist, whose magic is all about the light: this in fact is the name of the design table lamp by Look Light that just won ...

Published: 01/06/2016

MATO: design ay your disposal

Italian local production, craftsmanship and quality: these are just a few ingredients of the design pieces that you will find at our Spazio TID, but most of all they represent the core of Mato collection by Pol...

Published: 18/04/2016

Organica: the design collection that speaks nature

A Latin name for a refined nature-centered brand: its name is Insilvis and is part of the quality “made in Italy” range TID has always been focusing so much on. Products by Insilvis go beyond t...

Published: 08/03/2016

Farewell to the father of the moka

«We will be missing you. Goodbye Renato». Just a few words and a great sense of melancholy on the firm homepage.The father of the moka pot, the so called «little man with whiskers», died...

Published: 15/02/2016

International design in Tianjin

The second edition of Tianjin Design Week closed its doors last Wednesday, after turning the Chinese municipality into the stage for international design, especially Italian. The so called Made in Italy played ...

Published: 30/05/2015

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