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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

Stone, marble, light: the exceptional mixture by MATLIGHT Milano

Matteo Terragni, MATLIGHT Milano CEO, tells us what lies behind the scenes of the unique Italian lamps he produces. “Stone meets light” is MATLIGHT Milano’s motto: how come? «MATLIGHT Mi...

Published: 28/09/2015

Gio Minelli: from Brera Academy to Milan’s Urban Center

Which were the crucial phases of your professional path? «It started when I was studying at Milan’s Brera Academy, just when art and design began to get closer and closer, and so did artisans, desig...

Published: 14/09/2015

Lab145, when innovation meets uniqueness

After ten years spent working in the Italian manufacturing field, designer Mirco Montecchi and artisan Guido Fregni decided to join their skills by launching LAB145, the Modena-based factory that has been in bu...

Published: 02/09/2015

Ramon Esteve: endless success

Your studio was founded in 1991. What were your expectations at that time?I was eager to do things, as my heroes of the architecture and design my role modesl: Wright, Le Corbusier, Khan, Mies ... I figured tha...

Published: 13/08/2015

From Denmark to Italy: a journey across Judith Byberg's archi-world

Born in Denmark, Judith Byberg moved to Italy at the age of 13 where she attended the high art school first and then graduated from Milan’s Politecnico, becoming an architect. From 1989 to 1994 she worked...

Published: 09/08/2015

MAN@mydoor: a feminine journey between art and design

How and when Manuela and Maria Vittoria, the two founders of MAN@mydoor, meet?"We met a few years ago, but the spark that ignited our will to create a mutual work of art, design and engineering flared up in 201...

Published: 05/08/2015

Manoteca, the “re-design” lab made in Bologna

Manoteca is the artistic place where every day Elisa Cavani brings lost items found throughout the city, picking them up from attics, building site and flea markets. Located in Bologna and launched in 2011...

Published: 19/07/2015

studioPANG: passion at its best

The work of studioPANG affects many disciplines from architecture to design and graphics. Which was the original aim of the studio?studioPANG was founded spontaneously by two people - architect Fabio Damia...

Published: 03/07/2015

Daniele Basso’s Coke It’s Me! at Expo and Corporate Art

How did you end up collaborating with Coca-Cola?I was in the US on a business trip and I happened to stop in Atlanta, where the Coca-Cola headquarters are. I took a tour of the location, the secret archive (whi...

Published: 29/06/2015

Ingrid Sol Leccia: matter above all

Matter is certainly a leading feature of your work. Which are your favorite materials and why?I mostly work with steel, as it allows a lot of possibilities : it can be cut, rolled, welded, painted, etc…I...

Published: 18/06/2015

Stefano Giovannoni: China can help italian design

What’s the secret of a successful design product?When it comes to industrial design, I think quality goes hand in hand with the product success on the market. This point of view gave me sort of a cynical ...

Published: 29/03/2015

Tomaso Schiaffino: design means progress

Bellaria Design stresses the “100% made in Italy” factor. What distinguishes the Italian product?The Italian design product has earned sort of a worldwide “pedigree” because of its archi...

Published: 28/02/2015

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