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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

Maurizio Giovannoni: all about color

It was the project of a lifetime, bringing Maurizio Giovannoni to the international stage. In Torku, Finland, the young architect was able to fulfill any demand of his client for the renovation of a 65 square m...

Published: 14/11/2013

Stylish mountainside accommodation by Fabio Gianoli design

On the top floor o fan ancient building in the heart of Sondrio, Fabio Gianoli designed an astonishing modern yet vintage loft by bringing a city feel to the mountainside without disappointing any of the client...

Published: 10/11/2013

Yorkville Penthouse: art supremacy

If you think that a loft is too big to properly suit a painting collection, get ready to change your mind by taking a look at this Cecconi Simone Studio’s project in Yorkville, Toronto. An ambitious idea ...

Published: 06/11/2013

Zemer Peled’s art

Zemer Peled, from Israel, grew up in a kibbutz located in the northern area of the country, where people live in very close contact with nature and no one is considered more important than others. This backgrou...

Published: 01/11/2013

Sauquet Arquitectes revolution

In Castellar del Vallés, just outside Barcelona, Sauquet Arquitectes studio has turned a hayloft into an out-and-out living space combining modern and rural atmospheres. The squared frame work has become...

Published: 29/10/2013

Railroad station cottage by Zecc Architects

Beside Dutch Santpoort-Noord railway station, a cottage has been turned by Zecc Architects studio into an unconventional location mixing together artificial and natural. The property’s look is inspired by...

Published: 27/10/2013

Gabriel Dawe’s embroidery

Colorful threads and geometrical precision: these are the core elements of Gabriel Dawe’s work, a young creative from Mexico City whose work is now appreciated around the world. His work combines colorful...

Published: 26/10/2013

Anti-consumering design by Elisa Cavani

After working as a visual merchandiser, Elisa Cavani created Manoteca,a brand dedicated to recycle-based design. Her work is aimed at turning upside down any profit-logic by offering pieces of furniture that ca...

Published: 24/10/2013

Chromoterapy by Silvia Cassetta

A new innovative brand on the design scene: it’s Clever Rebel, by kNOwarchitecture’s founder Silvia Cassetta, aimed at producing unconventional unexpected furniture. The pieces of the brand go beyon...

Published: 22/10/2013

Challenging design by 10surdix

Paris based 10surdix studio has been founded by Mathieu Steinmetz, Guillaume Koenig andcreative director Marion Steinmetz, whose search for innovative materials ended up in an elegant yet functional new furnitu...

Published: 17/10/2013

Fraaiheid, when design meets beauty

Design for everyone: that’s the aim of a new Amsterdam based brand founded by three designers, Daniel Aw, Sjoerd Schaapveld and Rikjan Scholten, willing to spread Dutch woodworking around the world. ...

Published: 16/10/2013

Restructurations: a furniture range sharing just one material

Jules Levasseur, born in 1989, is the mind behind Restructurations project: a colorful furniture range entirely made of cable nets. His work mixes craftsmanship and industrial production with the aim of creatin...

Published: 12/10/2013

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