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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

Ion Hotel: Icelandic magic

When looking at a country like Iceland, where the stunning power of natural beauties takes over, it is not simple to design a dramatic yet respectful hotel project that is capable to fully integrate into the en...

Published: 31/03/2016

Layla Mehdi Pour: design turns playful

Bold, unmistakable design items with a delicate feminine feel: the products by Layla Mehdi Pour take you on a playful journey that calls at our Spazio TID showroom. Born and graduated in Iran, she mov...

Published: 29/03/2016

Design Days Dubai: another big success

The 2016 edition of the much-awaited Design Days Dubai ran until March 18. For the fifth time the event proved the ever-growing importance of the capital of the emirate in terms of design, turning the city into...

Published: 25/03/2016

Memo Library: memories on display

Conceptual work, accurate material employment, uniqueness. These are probably the three main features of the design items by Vittorio Passaro, the Italian designer we proudly host at our Spazio TID, at Via Mont...

Published: 19/03/2016

Arkof: skilled ironic design

From the Seventies to today, on a smooth successful journey: this is the story of Arkof, the Italian brand that over the last 40 years has been producing not just design furniture but unique elements aimed at c...

Published: 14/03/2016

GinYuu: wood-centred restaurant for a unique atmosphere

The scents of Asian food meet the genuine atmosphere of an American diner at the new restaurant of the GinYuu chain, launched in Stuttgart and designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group. The aim of the project was creat...

Published: 11/03/2016

Judith Byberg's lamps light up Spazio TID showroom

Among your lamps, Uovo is the one that best represents you. How come?«It embodies a major part of my philosophy. It's a handmade product that allows me to synergically interact with matter, that is one of...

Published: 11/03/2016

Organica: the design collection that speaks nature

A Latin name for a refined nature-centered brand: its name is Insilvis and is part of the quality “made in Italy” range TID has always been focusing so much on. Products by Insilvis go beyond t...

Published: 08/03/2016

Where tradition meets innovation: discovering Rotem Guy's style

A traditional Israeli village, that is a moshav, is the unexpected location where architect and designer Rotem Guy staged a unique, thorough interior design project aimed at both revolutionizing a house and pre...

Published: 02/03/2016

Egide Meertens: quick interview with the belgian architect

How would you describe your style?Contemporary architecture.What made you want to become an architect?Interest in art and culture. What's your favorite material and why?Bricks. This material has different color...

Published: 26/02/2016

Prahran Hotel: unconventional pub

Can a cozy traditional pub turn into a designer venue without losing its genuine feel? The answer is yes, as proved by today's featured project, Melbourne's Prahran Hotel. Formerly a corner pub with a one store...

Published: 17/02/2016

Farewell to the father of the moka

«We will be missing you. Goodbye Renato». Just a few words and a great sense of melancholy on the firm homepage.The father of the moka pot, the so called «little man with whiskers», died...

Published: 15/02/2016

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