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TID is an online architecture and design magazine that will make you discover and will be voice of the best projects and design events, taking you to explore the latest design, interior design, architecture and home decor innovations. The Interior Design is a project aimed at promoting the best interior design and the most interesting and innovative architectural works through a simple, direct and suitable for all, professional and design lovers, language.

Massimo Corona and his cities arrive at SpazioTID

Massimo Corona is an ever-evolving artist and constantly looking for new inspirations and expressive techniques. An artist who is not afraid to question his artistic career undertaken in the 90s when he began t...

Published: 09/10/2017

Antonio Franchi: the exaltation of color and its combinations

Antonio Franchi is an artist from Siena who is characterized by a style of continuous experimentation, in which the traditional means in his possession perfectly integrate with new and innovative sources, expan...

Published: 25/09/2017

"Fari nella notte": lamps-sculpture in a mix of art, design and imagination

Susy Zappa is an artist who has transformed her passion for spare parts into a genuine art collection. A passion born from her early age and inherited from her father Luciano Zappa, a great restorer of historic...

Published: 03/08/2017

Alessandra Rosati and her photography

Alessandra Rosati was born with a great talent in photography. Talent who has been cultivating since she was young by attending schools and masters that brought her around the world, and lately gave her the opp...

Published: 29/06/2017

"CRICETI #Nutrirsidarte" - As critics become hamsters

Rudy van der Velde is a dutch artist who has been working for over 40 years as creative director, art director and professional journalist in the field of European advertising and publishing. Since the mid-1990...

Published: 20/06/2017

Marco Ferra and his Serie Geek's works

Marco Ferra has been painting and drawing since he was child with a training and research focused mainly on classical design and oil painting, attended courses with different artists and art school masters.He h...

Published: 15/06/2017

Aleandro Roncara' and the fantastic planet of Mondorondo

Aleandro Roncarà is a Tuscan artist with a strong passion for design. He has always drawn, since he was a child, where he liked to fill his classmates' diaries with his comics. Black-striped comics that ...

Published: 12/06/2017

Plastic Puppetz, street art becomes three-dimensional

Mauro Merola, in art Maurato, was born in Treviso in 1977, he moved to Milan as soon as he finished secondary school.He is the winner of Public Prize of MostraMi2.Completely self-taught, he puts himself immedia...

Published: 11/05/2017

The material art of Ilaria Bochicchio

Ilaria Bochicchio went to the Artistic Secondary School in Basilicata, italian southern region where she was born in 1988, after the diplome she moved to Rome where she attendend IED, oriented in illustration a...

Published: 05/05/2017

Cold colors, firm lines and strong contrasts: Silvia Senna's art is magic

Silvia Senna is born in Milan in 1968, she goes to the Artistic secondary school Umberto Boccioni of Milan, she trains herself with graphic advertisement, where she learns to immobilize her creations, with disc...

Published: 21/04/2017

Cristina Lefter honors Jackson Pollock with her Dripping Stools

Cristina Lefter is born in the 1976 in Telenesti, Moldavia from parents who come from Romenia.When she’s little goes at the artistic secondary school Octav Bancila in Lasi and later to the Art Accademy Go...

Published: 20/04/2017

Michele Tombolini at Spazio TID

Captivating contemporary design, and much more. Our Spazio TID showroom, located at Via Monte Pordoi 8, Milan, is a multi-cultural environment where design meets art, creating a complete overview of today&...

Published: 14/04/2017

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