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YORK and NEW YORK: same DNA, two different ways of conceiving the outdoors
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Attractive and distinctive collections to offer perfect functionality and comfort, suitable for both domestic and commercial use: welcome to the world of outdoor furniture by Higold Milano!
A world where the real protagonist and common denominator of all collections is design, high quality design. And when high quality design is combined with a deep research and knowledge of the product, craftsmanship and attention to detail, the collections come to life: YORK and NEW YORK. Two collections that develop within them the same DNA, characterized by the skillful use of natural Teak Burma wood and the use of high-end paint to convey a strong feeling of dynamism.

York is among the first collections to follow an architectural style that echoes through modern design. The combination of textilene, teak wood and the light color of the coating create a clear contrast of colors giving a warm feeling.
In addition, through the textilene panels on both the seats and backrests, greater comfort has been achieved than the individual metal structure.
Not only sofas and loungers, York also presents a series of bar sets to meet all the different living needs of the customer: from the kitchen to the terrace and balcony.
New York, on the other hand, also carrying on the same DNA of York design, transmits greater vitality thanks to the open design of the teak side panels that allow a full flow of air to give the interior structure more possibilities to breathe.
Two collections with a strong character, equal but different in their way of conceiving outdoor living. Ideal for different types of environments, great for relaxing in the sun!

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: www.higoldmilano.it

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